Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 91: the delights of anticipation

Anxiously we wait
For the rogue honeysuckle's
Fragrant revival

(There is a mysterious honeysuckle climbing the fence near my subway stop. I noticed some early alien-like buds this afternoon. In the summer, hundreds of people walk past it every day, inhaling deeply before moving onward with a slightly lovestruck air. In the morning it's invigorating; at dusk it's intoxicating. For me that hypnotically sweet scent is one of the definitive aromas of summer in Brooklyn [and one of the few pleasant ones]. Last summer, in a shocking move that left the neighborhood's collective head spinning, the honeysuckle bloomed twice.)

(P.S. Remember that time on Day 89 that I thought I had a cold? It turns out I have tonsillitis. Yes, adults get tonsillitis. And anyone who can come up with a haiku about tonsillitis gets my undying admiration.)

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