Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The End...?

I have a few things to say:

1. I love when campy horror movies like Manos: The Hands of Fate close with "The End...?" It implies that in the future, yet another innocent family may be hoodwinked into Manos' creepy split-level house, only to find themselves enslaved by a Freddie Mercury look-alike in a caftan and his harem. I'm ending this blog the same way, because who knows? Maybe I'm not quite ready to call it quits. Maybe I'll have some more haiku to post one of these days. Thinking in 5-7-5 is a tough habit to break.

2. I know this blog never attained astonishing popularity. Let's face it -- if you've made it this far, there's a good chance you're related to me. Thanks for staying with me through my haiku journey. Thanks for reading, commenting, and encouraging. If you have enjoyed my writing, please send some friends my way. If you are stumbling upon this blog for the first time today by googling "subway body language" or "Chuckie sighting" (I am intensely proud that my blog features prominently in both search results) then by all means, go back to the beginning and experience the full adventure.

3. Do you have a favorite haiku? I would love to hear about why you like it and/or what it means to you. You can either comment on this post, or the original haiku posting, or email me at

I leave you with two closing bonus haiku:

Were it not for my
Dear family and friends, my
Words would have no wings


With great affection
For you my faithful readers
We shall close this book

Very fondly,