Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 155: Crying fowl

Prospect Park laments
An avian genocide
For the sake of flight

(I'm not a wildlife biologist, or a jet pilot, or even a bird aficionado [see my earlier posts on pigeons]. What I am is a Brooklyn resident who loves the Park and its various creatures with naive devotion. That's why I was horrified to read that over the weekend DOA biologists descended on the Park, stuffed 400 Canada geese in crates, and carted them off to the gas chambers. It was part of an action to eliminate all geese within 7 miles of the city's airports. Was it really necessary to euthanize 400 geese that don't even leave the Park? And if this was really necessary, couldn't they at least have used the geese to feed some of the many hungry people in this city?)

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