Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 195: Infant communication

You want a bottle?
Mommy's got a Blackberry
Just send her a text

Wouldn't it be great if babies could do that? Think of the screaming and tears that would be saved. I'm sure Park Slope is piloting a Baby Blackberry program already. Baby texting classes are going to be the new baby sign language classes.


  1. Wow, dude. I think either you need to have a baby or you need to stop hanging out in Park Slope. There's some pent-up something going on here. I dunno what, though. Baby rage?

    That said, I hate hyper-texting parents. And hyper-phone-talking parents. X saw an extremely pregnant woman in an SUV smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone WHILE DRIVING. He noticed her because she almost took out our babies while incubating hers in a smokehouse.

  2. Ha! I love this one, Molly. I was just thinking they should make blackberry teething toys for babies. I thought this ironically at first, cynically, really. But then I thought, "Hey, that might actually be really funny. And it would make for better pictures when I dressed Brian and Max in the same outfits. I'm going to go now and stick my head in a poopy diaper, because that's where it usually seems to be anyway. Cheers!