Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 216: Morning obstacles

Your rush hour backpack
Knocks small children flat as if
They were bowling pins

Ah, the rush hour backpack. Sure, you think it's too much trouble to take it off and set it on the floor, and what do you care about some stranger's eye? I'm also a big fan of the rush hour yoga mat, the rush hour smelly breakfast, and the rush hour double-wide stroller (lest I be accused of baby hating again, let me make it clear that I know it's really, really hard to travel around this city with small children, and that strollers are often the only viable option if you want to be able to leave your house. But have you ever been on an F train in Brooklyn at 8:30 in the morning? They're like medieval battering rams.)


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  2. People are assholes with their strollers for sure. I remember being run over numerous times. I try not to hit people. I also don't take them out during rush hour. I mean, maybe this lady HAD to get to a doc's appointment or something, but probably not.

    Needing a stroller is hard, though. People hate you and always think you're ridiculous, like you're just doing it to annoy them or something. No one stops to think about how you'd get around with twins who can't really walk yet without one. I'm looking forward to the days when the kids can walk well enough that I don't need one anymore.