Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 228: Bodies, heavenly and terrestrial

Scrambling commuters
Immune to the grace of a
Celestial ceiling

I am currently working a very pleasant temporary job at the holiday fair at Grand Central Terminal, one of the most beautiful spots in New York City. Sure, it's annoying to dodge the bumbling tourists when you have someplace to be, but can you blame them for wanting to stargaze at the gorgeous (and newly refurbished) Sky Ceiling?

Furthermore, if you're like me and Intrepid Boyfriend, you appreciate the value of a cheap (by NYC standards) date. If you've never indulged in an ice cream cone in the Dining Concourse and then whispered sweet nothings to each other through the Guastavino whispering arch, now may be the time to try.

1 comment:

  1. I never stopped being a tourist in New York. Never get tired of seeing the Chrysler building at night. Never get tired of seeing Lady Liberty. Never get tired of shop windows or street vendor pretzels or trains curving around a track or watching caravans of bright yellow taxis go by. People who don't appreciate the things that make New York New York should consider moving to Jersey.