Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 332: F Train Theater

Two tattooed hipsters
Engrossed in a screaming match
Eyes narrowed, lips curled

I think these waifish, well-inked young ladies were roommates. The argument sounded like something this:

Butterfly Arms: "I'm going to be late again because of you! You did this on purpose! Why do you ALWAYS do this?!"

Tribal Designs: "You were going to be late anyway! You spend so much time on your stupid hair! AND you told me to meet you at the 7th Avenue stop, not 15th Street. I was waiting for you there!"

Sappy Butterflies: "I SAID FIFTEENTH! FIFTEENTH!! Admit it, YOU WANTED ME TO BE LATE! You ALWAYS want me to be late! And I didn't even finish doing my hair!!!"(brushes vigorously) "Now my hair looks like SHIT because of you!" (rips large hairball off of brush, throws onto platform, stomps foot) "I HATE YOU!"

Contrived Tribalist: "NO, I HATE YOU!"

And so on. I'm not sure what they were late for that was so important. They were hipsters, so it certainly couldn't have been work.

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