Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 179: Making slow progress

How do you treat writer's block? By renewing your acquaintance with your muse. In my case, that means spending quality time that bitch goddess, the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Although I am not completely cured of my writer's block, I've seen some things that have given me a weak infusion of inspiration. Like this:

A gaunt teenager
Practices his A-Rod swing
On the F platform

He had obviously just come from practice, and he made sure I was watching before he started in on his elaborate peacocking. I wanted to stop him. Not so much because I was afraid he might accidentally hit someone, but because his swing was all wrong. I know a thing or two about baseball, and while a low-to-high swing does get you that occasional glorious home run, a level swing gets you frequent and respectable line drives.

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