Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 180: Thoughts on the proposed MTA fare hike

One-thirty a month?
Maybe if you guarantee
A urine-free trip

No one live here because it's cheap, but this subway fare hike game is getting ridiculous. Now that they've threatened a $41 increase to monthly metrocards, we're supposed to be relieved when they only raise the price by $25, or $28, or $30, or whatever arbitrary number they decide on. The best part is that a mere 3 years ago, the MTA had a $1 billion budget surplus. The MTA's budget deficit is now $800,000,000. Now it's eliminating entire train lines, cutting bus service (especially in poorer neighborhoods), firing station agents, and devising new ways to bleed people dry. Meanwhile, the trains are overcrowded piss-drenched eyesores; the stations are filthy, stench-ridden, and devoid of station agents or police officers; and the riders get angrier every day.

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  1. Do not even get me started on that stupid fucking budget surplus. I was SO PISSED that they spent it on a ridiculous holiday fare discount to attract tourists. Are you kidding? The tourists were coming anyway. What about the people that live here? (There. Whatever.) Damn. That's a big hike. I hate the MTA. Still.