Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 325: Preparations, Part II

In a town picked clean
I score saint candles in a
Mexican deli

I guess I waited to the last minute for my hurricane prep. We're not in a flood zone, so I figured I would have my pick of supplies. I filled all of our containers and bottles with water and we had plenty of food, but I still wanted to pick up some flashlight batteries and candles.

Forget it. Everyone was sold out of water, batteries, and candles. While walking home I passed a bodega advertising "productos Mexicanos!" with a lot of Jesus paraphernalia in the window. Actually, I've passed it a hundred times and never gone in. Sure enough, they had a WALL full of candles in various shapes, colors, and saints. We'll be weathering the storm with noted vegetarian Martin de Porres, the willingly impoverished Saint Clare of Assisi, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel for good measure.

In a situation like this I think it's best to cover all bases -- but now that I've done a little research I'm kicking myself for not looking for a Saint Christopher candle.

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